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Ruby's Reunion Day Dinner

Once a year, each of Ruby’s relatives prepares a special dish to share at their family reunion. Daddy calls it their “signature dish”—and Ruby wants one of her own.


She wanders through the bustling kitchen looking for inspiration. As she watches Pop-Pop’s chicken sizzling in the skillet, Uncle G slicing onions, and Auntie Billie cooking corn on the hot grill, she wonders if she’s just too young to have a signature dish. That’s when she finds it— the perfect solution!

Angela Dalton’s warm text is perfectly paired with Jestenia Southerland’s beautiful art in this sweet picture book, filled with the tenderness and warmth of this multigenerational extended family and the food they share.

When life gave her lemons, Ruby made lemonade. A sweet read—and lesson—for young readers. – Kirkus Review


Children will adore this story's inviting language and colorful digital illustrations. Love and joyfulness exude from Ruby's family, who are shown with a variety of body types and brown skin tones...This pairs perfectly with other texts about family gatherings and cooking... – Booklist

This hopeful, mouthwatering narrative showcases tender family rapport. – Publishers Weekly, starred review

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